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[Orgmode] Obliterating schedule/deadline repeaters

From: Greg Novak
Subject: [Orgmode] Obliterating schedule/deadline repeaters
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:24:01 -0700

On the whole I'm happily using org-mode.  One thing that I'm unhappy
with is that when I'm looking at the agenda and decide to reschedule a
task that has a repeater, the repeater is obliterated.  That is, if
the task is:

* TODO Oil change
  SCHEDULED <2008-6-1 +3m>

and I think to myself "I'll do that on Saturday, not on Tuesday" then
hit C-c C-s and put in the new date, the repeater is obliterated.
Ideally, the repeater would just be preserved as-is.  Almost as good
is if there's some clue in the minibuffer that the task has a repeater
and I should remember to include it in the new date.  As it stands, I
have this in my .emacs file to prevent manual changes to tasks with
repeaters---in that case I just look at the org file and change the
schedule date manually:

(defadvice org-schedule
  (around gsn/org-prevent-rescheduling-repeated-tasks activate)
  "If the current task has a repeater, prevent rescheduling it to
avoid obliterating the repeater."
  (if (org-get-repeat)
      (message "*** Can't reschedule this task without obliterating
repeater ***")

I'm writing the list to see if there's a way to do this and I was just
dumb when I read the manual.  If not, I guess this is a feature
request.  I'm using v 6.04c.


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