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[Orgmode] Hyperlinked Tag table in org-publish HTML export

From: Rick Moynihan
Subject: [Orgmode] Hyperlinked Tag table in org-publish HTML export
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 15:03:38 +0100
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Hi all,

Well I've been continuing my usage of org-mode, and have been using it for sometime as a lightweight bug tracker for documenting bugs and associated code-snippets/error-reports in small software projects.

Recently I wanted to make this document viewable for others, and so published it with org-export-as-html. Anyway, I'm delighted with the output; particularly regarding the fontifying of code-snippets, but there is an improvement I'd like to make in my output:

I currently document bugs roughly like this:

* ProjectX bugs
** BUG project crashes on network failure :2.0:NETWORK:UI:
** BUGREPORT error thrown on data entry   :DB:
** FIXED compiler warnings                :1.0:BUILD:

* ProjectX Improvements
** FEATUREREQUEST Add a new button to UI   :2.1:UI:
** FEATUREREQUEST Add email support        :2.3:UI:EMAIL:EXP:
** FEATUREREQUEST Support X,Y,Z            :3.0:DB:TRUNK:EXP:

You'll notice that I use tags to categorise features/bugs and to prioritise them into versions of the software. I also use these tags to indicate which branch features/bugs might be best put into. Sometimes these changes are required to be deployed into several branches so tagging like this is flexible and works well.

However the problem is that, in the exported HTML the tags are not listed in a useful way. It would be great if org could generate a table of contents organised by tag. To allow easier navigation Tags on outlines/headings would then be links back to the tag table, and links in the tag-table would link to the headings like they do already with the TOC.

Thinking about it, would org-info.js do this?

Thanks again!


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