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Re: [Orgmode] How you can help

From: Manish
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] How you can help
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 13:42:41 +0530

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 1:05 PM, Carsten Dominik wrote:
> Hi Org users,
> I need to get control over the time I spent on developing
> Org-mode.  Recently, I have again worked too hard on it, spending
> more time than I should, in order to get 6.9 and 6.10 out and to
> seize the chance to get the best possible version into Emacs
> 23.1.
> However, this is getting out of control, and I am now putting
> myself a hard limit of 1 hour per day, clocked by Org-mode, which
> will clearly cut in on my development speed and posting rate.
> Here is how you can help me to make the most of that one hour.
> 1. If you report a bug, please try to do as much work as you can
>   yourself.  Before you send it, think if you have collected all
>   the information you can.  There are great examples of good bug
>   reports on the list already.  The best bug reports are, of
>   course, those that are accompanied by a patch.
> 2. If you are reading the list and see bug reports, consider
>   putting in 10 minutes, trying to reproduce this problem
>   yourself, and maybe adding information that might be useful
>   for me to track down that bug.  Again, this is already
>   happening, I am only trying to encourage this type of
>   behavior.
> 3. I have recently spent much time on fixing bugs in parts of Org
>   that I did not write myself, so this is taking much more time
>   than usually.  If you know Emacs Lisp, and I know there are a
>   number of excellent Lisp programmers on this group, consider
>   "adopting" one of the following subsystems.  By "adoption", I
>   mean that you make it your mission to deeply understand this
>   part of Org, so that *you* will be in the position to fix
>   bugs, taking that off my shoulders.
>   - org-publish.el.  I think the biggest bugs are out now, but I
>     am sure this system can be improved quite a bit.  If you are
>     that Lisp programmer trying to take up this task, consider
>     teaming up with Sebastian Rose who is a great guy, has quite
>     some understanding of that system and good ideas about it,
>     but just is not enough of a Lisp programmer to really take
>     that on.
>   - org-export-latex.el.  This is a tough one because you need
>     to know both LaTeX and Lisp.  And the code is complex, in
>     part because Org-mode allows to write LaTeX is a relatively
>     lazy way.  Bastien has done a great great job capturing this
>     into an exporter.  However, there are still problems and
>     bugs, some came up recently on the list.  And Bastien
>     currently does not have the time to contribute consistently.
>     As a result, I have started to fix some bugs, but this is
>     really eating too much of my time.  This subsystem can also
>     use feature additions, for example better handling of image
>     insertion, maybe with captions.  I have ideas about this, so
>     talk to me if you want to help out.
> 4. Try to answer as many messages on the mailing list as you can.
>   I have been trying hard to make sure that each and every
>   reasonable question on the list (and this is really the only
>   kind we get in this amazing community) will be answered.
>   Doing this still takes a significant fraction of my Org-mode
>   development time.  I will clearly spend less time on this in
>   the future, in this way also giving others more time to
>   answer.  Again, there are already quite a few people who
>   regularly *answer* questions, and all I am trying to do here
>   is encouraging this activity.
> 5. Help developing the Org-mode FAQ by adding useful information
>   to it yourself.  All you need to do is to get acces to Worg,
>   which will help getting to know git in the process.  Worg is
>   meant to be user edited, so please go wild and add information
>   and links at will.
> Thanks to you all, for your understanding and help.

It is quite a challenge to try out and understand numerous features
and facilities already in Org and the pace at which the new changes
were coming was unreal and super-human.  The backlog of things I
wanted to try, understand and absorb in my workflow was consistently
increasing.  This is not a complaint; I am having so much fun.  *BUT*
I do not want my favourite developer of my favourite package in my
favourite editor to burn out.  Please do take it easy.

Unfortunately, I can not help with #3 (adopting a subsystem) since I
am Lisp-challenged but with rest I will.

Sincere thanks for all your time, effort and sacrifices.


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