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[Orgmode] Question on C-c C-j

From: Peter Straka
Subject: [Orgmode] Question on C-c C-j
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 14:40:10 +0200
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Hello all,

recently I learned about c-c c-j which is a kind of outline navigator.

in the manual is written:

| `C-c C-j'
|      Jump to a different place without changing the current outline
|      visibility.  Shows the document structure in a temporary buffer,
|      where you can use the following keys to find your destination:
|           <TAB>         Cycle visibility.
|           <down> / <up>   Next/previous visible headline.
|           n / p        Next/previous visible headline.
|           f / b        Next/previous headline same level.
|           u            One level up.
|           0-9          Digit argument.
|           <RET>         Select this location.

and after involing a minibuffer help is displayed:

| Browse buffer copy, to find location or copy text. Just type for auto-isearch.
| RET=jump to location             [Q]uit and return to previous location
| [Up]/[Down]=next/prev headline   TAB=cycle visibility   [/] org-occur

Now my question:

If  I invoke  this function  all works  with exception  of  the "letter"
commands  "n"  "p"  "f"  "b"  "u" "Q".  These  invoke  the  auto-isearch
(e.g. searching  for n or  Q). I  tried it in  emacs 22.2 and  6.09a and
23.60 with 6.06. So  my question is: did I make an  error or is possibly
the description not up to date?

Secondly one minimal error in the Manual 1.2 Installation:

Add the following lines to your .emacs file. The last *two* lines define
global   keys   for  the   commands   org-store-link,  org-agenda,   and
org-iswitchb - please choose suitable keys yourself.

Should be three instead of two.

Peter Straka

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