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Re: [Orgmode] Prefix arg required for agenda TODO cycle now?

From: Mike Newman
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Prefix arg required for agenda TODO cycle now?
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 20:14:20 +0000

I think this is the result of the change in the default value of:

I believe that if you customise this the old behaviour will return.

On Wed, 04 Feb 2009 13:24:51 -0600
Charles Sebold <address@hidden> wrote:

> I'm having trouble finding the specific diff where this would have
> changed, and I'm wondering if I've done this to myself, or if this is
> a bug?
> I jumped this morning from 6.20h (or maybe 6.20i, don't remember now)
> to latest, and I find that, in agenda view, to toggle a TODO task to
> DONE I have to use C-u t instead of just t.  Then, in the org file
> itself, I'm used to using the prefix arg C-u C-c C-t to pull up the
> full list of TODO possibilities, but now that cycles, and just C-c
> C-t pulls up the full list.
> In testing with "emacs -Q" and an org file with just the following in
> it:
> * INBOX test item
> I didn't see this problem, but adding my usual org-todo-keywords:
> (setq org-todo-keywords
>       '((sequence "INBOX(i)" "TICKLER(t!)" "|" "FILE(f@)"
> "CANCELED(k@)") (sequence "TODO" "WAITING" "VERIFY" "|" "DONE"
> "REASSIGNED") (sequence "DAILY(d)" "|" "DONEDLY" "UNSCHEDDLY(D@)")
>         (sequence "WEEKLY(e)" "|" "DONEWKLY" "UNSCHEDWKLY(E@)")
>         (sequence "MONTHLY(m)" "|" "DONEMNTHLY" "UNSCHEDMNTHLY(M@)")
>         (sequence "APPT" "RESCHEDULE(s@)" "|" "APPTPAST"
> "APPTCANCELED(n@)") (sequence "REQUEST(r!)" "REQWAITING(w@/!)"
>         (sequence "PROJECT(P!)" "PROJWAITING(W@/!)" "PROJVERIFY(V)"
>         ))
> ...it changes to the behavior I described above.


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