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[Orgmode] Move point to next-line after clocking in

From: Daniel Clemente
Subject: [Orgmode] Move point to next-line after clocking in
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2009 01:17:44 +0100
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  Consider a file with 2 lines:

**** heading

  Place the cursor at line 2 (where you can type). Then use C-c C-x C-i to 
start a clock.
  You have now 3 lines:

**** heading
     CLOCK: [2009-02-07 sáb 01:06] 


  However, the cursor is still placed at line 2, like before. I think it would 
be more useful if it were moved to line 3 so that you can start writing right 
away, just as before.
  This saves you the C-n needed to move again to a blank line.

  I don't know if other actions would also benefit from this, for instanc 
clocking in for a second time (thus adding a properties block). It's probably 
not needed.

Daniel with org 6.20g

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