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[Orgmode] syncing org-mode files on three unconnected machines?

From: Alan E. Davis
Subject: [Orgmode] syncing org-mode files on three unconnected machines?
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 13:43:57 +1000

I am studying and using git in several ways at work and at home, and hope to dive further into the agenda possibilities.  I have been using org-mode at work, on two machines, as well as at home, on my preferred main machine.  I also would like to run emacs and org-mode sometimes on a laptop.  I am not currently able to network or internetwork between them, due to various firewall and wireless router issues that are beyond my level.

My question is basically how to keep the files consistent among the various machines.  I have thought of at least two ways, but don't understand whether either of them will work:

1.  I am now carrying around a USB flash drive with three ~/org trees from three machines.  I have been trying to maintain important files by hand: cutting and pasting headlines and their subtrees, then sorting the entire target file.  Is there a canonical method for merging two files (basically the same file on two different machines, edited at different times, with some overlaps)?

2.  I am thinking git.  I'm uncertain about git at the best, so I don't know how to implement this.  Is this reasonable?  A git archive is kept on a flash drive.  It is updated from the drive of the current machine.  ~/org on the current machine is also updated  from the git archive on the flash drive. 

I am currently struggling to get git working on all my ~/org trees.  Also, I have set some files outside that tree as remember targets or with links to be access from git files.  Somehow, those files will have to be hardlinked on both or all three machines, meaning the machines will have to mirror each other. 

Somehow, any solution to this problem will need to be robust when I forget my flash drive. 

Am I dreaming?

Thank you,


Alan Davis

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there is no ground whatsoever for supposing it is true.
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