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Re: [Orgmode] bug? or configuration?

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] bug? or configuration?
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 13:20:36 -0400

Rustom Mody <address@hidden> wrote:

> Sorry I am not on my m/c now but it comes when I try to use org-remember
> (C-c r) with one of the Charles Cave remember templates.
> I dont think though that it has much do do with those specific templates.
> I am a bit bitfuddled by the code. It looks like a 'type error' (to use a
> phrase from non-lispy languages) -- org-time-stamp-rounding-minutes is a
> number -- something you cannot do car to.
> I'll need at least a day to be able to give more specific data if required

org-time-stamp-rounding-minutes is *supposed* to be a list - here's the doc:

| org-time-stamp-rounding-minutes is a variable defined in `org.el'.
| Its value is (0 5)
| Documentation:
| Number of minutes to round time stamps to.
| These are two values, the first applies when first creating a time stamp.
| The second applies when changing it with the commands `S-up' and `S-down'.
| When changing the time stamp, this means that it will change in steps
| of N minutes, as given by the second value.
| When a setting is 0 or 1, insert the time unmodified.  Useful rounding
| numbers should be factors of 60, so for example 5, 10, 15.
| When this is larger than 1, you can still force an exact time-stamp by using
| a double prefix argument to a time-stamp command like `C-c .' or `C-c !',
| and by using a prefix arg to `S-up/down' to specify the exact number
| of minutes to shift.
| You can customize this variable.

So it seems to be your configuration.


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