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Re: [Orgmode] Important

From: David Maus
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Important
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 23:18:27 +0200
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Good Evening,

On 07 Apr 09, Matthew Lundin wrote:
> Just pulled the new commits from the git repo. When I type "make", I get
> the following error message:
> ,----
> | In toplevel form:
> | lisp/org-export-latex.el:53:1:Error: Symbol's function definition is void: 
> org-create-multibrace-regexp
> | make: *** [lisp/org-export-latex.elc] Error 1
> `----
> - Matt

Same here using GNU Emacs (i486-pc-linux-gnu) of 2009-03-29 on 
elegiac, modified by Debian.

Before the error make threw a warning about

org-exp.el:2527:1:Warning: the function `org-create-multibrace-regexp' is not
    known to be defined.

In addition a warning the could indicate problems:

In org-export-ascii-preprocess:
org-ascii.el:374:8:Warning: function org-export-ascii-preprocess used to take
    0 arguments, now takes 1

I also noticed some warnings about obsolete variables for Emacs 23.1:

In org-get-entries-from-diary:
org-agenda.el:3340:11:Warning: `fancy-diary-buffer' is an obsolete variable
    (as of Emacs 23.1); use `diary-fancy-buffer' instead.

In org-agenda-goto-calendar:
org-agenda.el:6110:11:Warning: `view-calendar-holidays-initially' is an
    obsolete variable (as of Emacs 23.1); use
    `calendar-view-holidays-initially-flag' instead.
org-agenda.el:6111:11:Warning: `view-diary-entries-initially' is an obsolete
    variable (as of Emacs 23.1); use `calendar-view-diary-initially-flag'

These latter warning don't seem to belong to the error but I took the
opportunity to report these warnings here in case they are yet unknown.


  -- David

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