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[Orgmode] using org-mode for keeping working hours reports?

From: Crni Gorac
Subject: [Orgmode] using org-mode for keeping working hours reports?
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 22:30:47 +0200

As in subject: am trying to use org-mode for generating monthly
working hours reports.  Basically, I'd put in short descriptions of
tasks, and then would use clocking capabilities of org-mode to
remember time spent on each task.  Then, I'd like to create a table
with date, task description, and time spent columns, and have this
table, together with some simple text before ("company", "contractor",
"hourly rate", etc.) and after ("total working hours", "total amount")
the table exported to LaTeX (so that I could generate HTML).  So I
tried going with some clocked TODO tasks, and then using clocktable,
but there are many things to tweak in order to have generated LaTeX to
my needs (first of all, I need the table only in the exported file,
etc. - and I'm not yet that good in org-mode to be able to adjust all
of this).  Thus I'm wondering is anyone else using org-mode for
something alike, and eventually willing to share own setup?  Or maybe
I just should use org-mode table functionality for something that

Also, related question: is it possible to somehow specify (on per-file
basis, eventually) that, when clocking in org-mode, the time written
get rounded to nearest 15 min. interval?


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