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[Orgmode] Repeated Tasks

From: Antano Solar John
Subject: [Orgmode] Repeated Tasks
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 10:40:10 +0530
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I want to do certain things everyday. And ensure that I spend x time
doing things that I really want to do.

For Example, 

I have lost the habbit of reading due to lot of reasons. And so is it
with practising guitar. 

Now if I want to discipline myself to play the guitar atleast once a day
for 30 min. And read something atleast for 1 hour once in 3 days. I
would want to set up repeated reminders.

Using deadlines with +1d , +3d attributes.

Now I have two questions.

1. Is it possible that I also specify that I need to spend 30 minutes on
this activity and 1 hour in the other. And have some function that will
compute how many free hours I have in a day assuming that I want to do
all the things that I am supposed to do.  Like say if I am due for
reading, guitar, writing and the sum is 4 hours. And that I have
finished 1 Hours Work say Reading. It is 6 pm and someone  asks me for a
date at 8 pm. Will Org-Mode be able to tell me that I have 3 more hours
of pending work. (The real situation is more complicated than this. I
have like 40 - 50 recurring tasks in a week and as a combination there
are 20+ tasks besides proffesional life that has to be done everyday)

2. Repeated deadlines are choking my agenda view. For daily reminders, 
would it be possible that it does not show what I have to  do tomorrow.

Antano Solar John

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