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[Orgmode] New Feature: org-refile can create new headings

From: Jason Jackson
Subject: [Orgmode] New Feature: org-refile can create new headings
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 17:39:02 +1000


I use org-refile very often to move things around and reorganize my notes. But one annoyance is when I want to reorganize an Item into a new heading

Typically, this happens when I'm doing my weekly GTD task sorting. 

I have a huge 'bucket' of things I added during the week. And i'd like to organize it all really quickly; but right now, anytime I want to make a new heading, I have to scroll around and do it manually, loosing my place in the bucket. 

Could this be a new feature of org-mode, or any other ideas for a solution?


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