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[Orgmode] Release 6.26

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Release 6.26
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 08:44:13 +0200


- Carsten

Changes in Version 6.26


custom IDs

Entries can now define a `CUSTOM_ID' property.  This property
must be a valid ID according to HTML rules, and it will be used
in HTML export as the main target ID for this entry.  That means,
both the table of conents and other internal links will
automatically point to this ID instead of the automatic ID like
`sec-1.1'.  This is useful to create humar-readable permanent
links to these location in a document.

The user is responsible to make sure that  custom IDs are unique
within a file.

Links written like `[[#my-target-name] ]' can be used to target a
custom ID.

When using `C-c l' to store a link to a headline that has a
custom ID, Org will now create two links at the same time.  One
link will be to the custom ID.  The other will be to the globaly
unique ID property.  When inserting the line with `C-c C-l', you
need to decide which one you want to use.  Use the ID links for
entries that are expected to move from one file to the next.  Use
custom ID links publishing projects, when you are sure that te
entry will stay in that file.  See also the variable

Remember to non-org files

If the target headline part of a remember template definition
entry is `top' or `bottom', the target file may now be a
non-Org-mode file.  In this case, the content of the remember
buffer will be added to that file without enforcing an Org-like
headline.  Sorry, Russel, that this took so long.

New property to turn off todo dependencies locally

Setting the property `NOBLOCKING' will turn off TODO dependency
checking for this entry.

Refile verify

A new function is called to verify tasks that are about to be
selected as remember targets.  See the new variable

New version org ditaa.jar

Thanks to Stathis Sideris.

htmlize.el is now in the contrib directory

The latest version of htmlize.el is now the in the contrib
directory of Org.  Thanks to Hrvoje Niksic for allowing this.

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