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[Orgmode] pop-up-windows

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [Orgmode] pop-up-windows
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 20:44:22 -0700

When I click on a link, org-open-at-point splits the window.
What I would like is for it to open the link in the current
window.  The same occurs with org-remember; it splits the
window, but I would like to have the whole window.

Both Emacs and Xemacs have a standard variable,
pop-up-windows, that allows the user to control this
behavior.  Users who set it to nil can expect all but the
most unusual buffers to open in the current window.  Most
parts of emacs respect it.

IMO it would be useful for org to do the same.  It is easy to do,
because you can call pop-to-buffer instead of

Try these:

(let ((pop-up-windows t)) (pop-to-buffer (get-buffer "*Messages*")))
(let ((pop-up-windows)) (pop-to-buffer (get-buffer "*Messages*")))

People who use small screens and people who use large fonts
use nil because splitting the window makes small windows.

In org, todo state selection and tag selection should
probably ignore the variable, provided that the window
height contains the buffer.  The context is useful, so it's
OK to split the window.

Export dispatch and agenda dispatch should probably respect
the variable because context usually does not add to the
decision being made (among other reasons).  They do not
currently respect it.

org-complete is currently problematic because it
inadvertently respects the variable.  It changes to the
completions buffer, and then the completion keys do not
work.  This should probably either ignore the variable or accept the
completion keys.  However, I do not use it, so I have not
tried it much.

I hope this made enough sense to be useful to you.  :)


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