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[Orgmode] C-k keystroke kills the subtree

From: Dmitry Prokashev
Subject: [Orgmode] C-k keystroke kills the subtree
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 14:47:32 +0400

Hello there.

I'm using org-mode for a several months and recently a sad thing happened with me. I suddenly found that a subtree where I look into rather rarely, but the information there is quite important, disappeared. Obviously I have stroked C-k while the point was located on the collapsed tree, and whole my tree disappeared and I did not even noticed that. When I found there is no subtree, it was already too late to restore it: there was no such change in undo history and probably I have removed that subtree in one of my previous emacs sessions.

Probably its a good idea to review C-k behaviour in org mode. It may remove a single line (subtree header), expand the tree thus attaching it to the previous subtree of the same level, for example. And to remove the whole collapsed subtree, the user should mark it with a region and remove it using C-w thus providing something like a confirmation that he really wants to remove the whole subtree. Well this is just a set of ideas, but anyway I suppose that C-k should not remove the whole (collapsed) tree. My case was the root-level subtree, so I've lost about 1/5th of my file.

And yes, thanks for a great tool, this is very usefull for me, and good luck!

Best regards,

Dmitry Prokashev, St. Petersburg, Russia

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