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Re: [Orgmode] More convenient methods for creating appointments?

From: Matthew Lundin
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] More convenient methods for creating appointments?
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 06:49:26 -0500
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Hi Sven,

"Sven Bretfeld" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello to all
> Maybe I have overlooked this in the documentation. For creating active
> time-stamps I know the key-stroke 'C-c .' which only allows for a
> single date and time. 
> But if you want to specify a time period, the entry has to look like
> this:
> <2009-12-03 Do>--<2009-12-06 So>
> or 
> <2009-04-27 Mo 14:00>--<2009-04-27 Mo 16:00>

Since this second example takes place on a single day you could enter
the time span in the first prompt.

E.g., C-c . Mon 14:00-16:00

which produces,

<2009-04-27 Mon 14:00-16:00>

> Is there a way to create this kind of entries at once, i.e. to chose a
> start and an end date right from a single call of the calendar? By now,
> I just copy the created single time-stamp, yank it behind a manually
> typed '--' and change the date with S-up. Calling the calender twice is
> not much more convenient (see below).

For a time span that crosses several days, you could type C-c . once and
then immediately type C-c . again. Second timestamp will automatically
be entered as a range.

E.g., C-c . Mon RET C-c . Wed RET


<2009-04-27 Mon>--<2009-04-29 Wed>

To be honest I'm not sure what you mean when you say the C-c . is
cumbersome. I find it difficult to imagine a more economical way of
entering the time span above then the keystrokes I've mentioned.

> Moreover, sometimes a certain appointment takes place more than once,
> but not regularly (i.e. not +1w etc.):
> *** APPT Meet myself
>     <2009-04-23 Do 14:00>
>     <2009-04-27 Mo 14:00>
>     <2009-05-05 Tue 10:00>
> Is there another way to set these dates than typing C-c . three times?
> The inconvenience is that the calender always starts at 'today', so you
> always have to browse the whole thing again until you reach the next
> date you want to choose. It would be better to mark the first date, then
> immediately go on to the second, the third ...

Here's how I would enter the above:

C-c . Thu 14:00 RET RET C-c . Apr 27 14:00 RET RET C-c . May 5 10:00 RET

Again, perhaps it's just me, but I find that an extremely economical way
to enter so much calendar information.


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