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[Orgmode] Re: Two questions about latex export

From: Robert Goldman
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Two questions about latex export
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 13:35:00 -0500
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Robert Goldman wrote:
> 1.  I am making a table of conditional probabilities.  This means the
> table headers look like this: p(e|\omega), for example.  The vbar in the
> header confuses orgmode.  It thinks that's a column-delimiter.  Adding a
> prefix \ does not help.  Is there a work around?  For the moment I put
> \newcommand{\vbar}{|} in a latex block and use \vbar in place of |.
> Works, but makes the table a little less readable than I'd like.
> more importantly:
> 2.  I put an eqnarray* environment in my org file.  The equation breaks
> across multiple lines so it looks like this:
> \begin{eqnarray*}
> x &=& blah blah blah \\
>   &=& blah blah blah \\
>     &=& blah blah blah \\
> \end{eqnarray*}
> org-mode quotes (backslashes) the &=& so they don't get interpreted
> correctly.  Is there something I can do to keep that from happening?

A quick follow up to this one.  The bug does NOT occur if I substitute
eqnarray for eqnarray*.  I believe that this means that the constant
org-latex-entities in org-latex.el needs to be modified to admit the
starred (unnumbered) variants of the latex math operators.

Unfortunately, my simple-minded attempt to butcher in stars has run
aground on the shoals of my ignorance of the combination of emacs-lisp
string escapes, and emacs regexpressions.  Simply adding


to that list won't work, and even


doesn't seem to do the right thing.  if anyone can put me on the right
track, I'll try to provide a patch.


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