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[Orgmode] Org on a Netbook; making a new page sole window after followin

From: jonathan coupe
Subject: [Orgmode] Org on a Netbook; making a new page sole window after following a link
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:19:38 +0100

I don't know if anyone on the list has tried or reported on this before, but I'm running Org on a Netbook - an SSD Linux Asus One - and it runs great.  Booting the machine takes around 20 seconds and starting a fresh emacs by clicking on an org file takes around another two and was even faster before I added flyspell. I bought the machine because I wanted high power desktop wiki software I could carry around with me and a couple of days of research showed that org was easily the best option. If anyone is interested and wants to know more or to send sample orgs and requests for benchmarks, please contact me. I'm sure that for some Org users buying a Netbook just to run Org book-sized will make sense.

Given that the Acer has a decently fast processor, good keyboard, and reads data from the SSD quickly, the biggest limitation on running Org is screen space. I've stripped the tool and menu bars from emacs, and the fringe, and normally run in full screen (I don't think Acer's terrible documentation tells you how to do this - you need to press Alt-F11, which should tell the XFCE screen manager that the Acer uses to make any any app full screen). And this works more than adequately well, except when I've just followed a link and the screen splits - 1024 x 600 just isn't big enough for this.

My elisp is very rusty and was never that strong, but I thought that I could deal with this by

     (add-hook 'org-follow-link-hook 'delete-other-windows)

but no, it doesn't work. And a message added to the hook doesn't appear either. Have I understood the hook? I thought fns attached to it would be called after I clicked on a link.

Btw, it could make sense to make "toggle full or split screen after following a link" part of Customize, given how many Netbooks are being sold. In fact, have I missed an option in Customize that would do this for me? I've checked several times, but I'm very willing to believe that I might have messed up - this does seem a super-obvious option to be there.

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