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[Orgmode] Column View in XEmacs

From: Alex Mizrahi
Subject: [Orgmode] Column View in XEmacs
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 19:00:20 +0300


I'm trying to use column view to work with effort estimates, but it does not seem to work in XEmacs. When I press C-c C-x C-c columns show up in agenda view (I'm not sure if 100% correcly, but more-or-less so), but when I try editing anything, column view goes away and error appears:

  Wrong number of arguments: #<subr local-variable-p>, 1

So.. Does it work on XEmacs?

(Particular version of XEmacs I'm using is 21.4.19, pretty old one, but it also seems to crash XEmacs 21.5.28, so I guess it is broken pretty consistently. And version of org-mode is one from current tgz, 6.26d.)

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