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Re: [Orgmode] No indentation for all paragraph

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] No indentation for all paragraph
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 15:13:32 +0200

Clock lines are always removed, never published.  The never
look nice when published.

I'd recommend using a clock table to capture the necessary stuff.

Is people insist, we can go back to have a variable to publish the clock lines.

- Carsten

On May 12, 2009, at 3:06 PM, Sebastian Rose wrote:

Here it nearly works, when I set `org-clock-into-drawer' to `t' and
`org-export-with-drawers' to `All drawers'.
Or per file:

    #+OPTIONS:   <:t d:t


Hm - the time is still missing...

Is this a bug or did I miss something?

I didin't export with clocks for quite some time. But I know it worked
half a year ago....

Now I get things like this all over the place:

:Effort:   16:00


Jan Buchal <address@hidden> writes:
"SR" == Sebastian Rose <address@hidden> writes:


Yes, perfect. And if I want that clocking line will be displayed
in HTML or PDF exported file? For example:

* Summary of time

CLOCK: [2009-05-11 Po 11:00]--[2009-05-11 Po 11:40] => 0:40

   SR> Do an

   SR> M-x customize-variable RET org-export-with- TAB

   SR> to see all (global) options related to this topic.

   SR> You can set this in the #+OPTIONS: line per file (see
   SR> http://orgmode.org/manual/Export-options.html#Export-options):

   SR> #+OPTIONS: <:t
I added this line in my .org file but still in HTML and PDF CLOCK is not
dysplayed. What I make wrong?

In attached file is example of my .org file.


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