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[Orgmode] Looking for some org-mode hooks

From: Keith Swartz
Subject: [Orgmode] Looking for some org-mode hooks
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 14:44:35 -0700
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Hi there,

I've recently switched to using org-mode for tracking todo items, and I'm finding it to be well worth the effort. I've read through the manual, and browsed past messages on the mail archive, but have a few questions about whether or not a few enhancements I want to do are currently possible in the latest version.

First, is there a hook that gets executed after sorting a subtree? In other words, if I'm viewing a subtree as folded/children only, then sort it, it changes to display all subtrees. I want it to automatically revert back to the visibility I had. I'm hoping I can just set the visibility in a hook.

Second, along the same lines, is there a hook that gets executed after refiling an item? In this case, I'd like to resort the node to which the item has been refiled. So, for instance, if I refile an item with priority A to a new node, I'd like that node sorted so that the new item appears at or near the top (assuming I sort by priority first).

Thanks in advance,
Keith S.

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