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[Orgmode] org-feed broken?

From: John Rakestraw
Subject: [Orgmode] org-feed broken?
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 11:17:22 -0400

Hi --

Emacs 22.3.1
Org-mode latest fetch from git repository

Several weeks ago I tested org-feed.el. I suppose I could be losing
my mind, but I'm quite sure I had it working. I'm only now getting
around to integrating the use of reQall into my regular practice, and
I've discovered that the attempt to update the feed yields the error
message "invalid function: ignore-errors".

C-h v indeed indicates that "ignore-errors" is not defined.

ignore-errors is called three times in org-feed.el (lines 317, 558, and
562). Each of the lines is identical:

  (ignore-errors (kill-buffer feed-buffer))

If I comment out these lines, then the rss feed from reQall is
downloaded successfully. 

I don't know lisp (or any programming language). Can someone give me an
idea whether I'm running any risk of data loss by running org-feed.el
without these calls?

And am I correct in assuming that ignore-errors is a function
introduced in emacs 23? If so, can I get the definition and install it
in my .emacs configuration as a holdover until I upgrade to emacs 23?


John Rakestraw

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