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Re: [Orgmode] The patch (org-exp-blocks), the question and the bug

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] The patch (org-exp-blocks), the question and the bug
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 16:32:19 -0700
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I've added an asymptote section to the org-exp-blocks page [1] which
should be published to worg within the next hour or so.  This section
would benefit from an example asymptote block, which I am unable to

Thanks -- Eric

[1] http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/org-exp-blocks.php

"Eric Schulte" <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden writes:
>> Hello,
>> I have created (in fact, I have copied and pasted with slights
>> modifications) a function to use asymptote's code
>> (http://asymptote.sourceforge.net) with the help of org-exp-blocks.
>> Unfortunately, I am clueless about how to make a patch with git. So,
>> with all my apologies, I will put it here as it might be useful to
>> someone.
> Thanks, asymptote looks like an interesting tool.
> Rather than continually adding new block definitions directly to
> org-exp-blocks.el I think we should add a section to the org-exp-blocks
> page on worg where code implementing new blocks can be shared.  I'll try
> to do this in the next couple of days with your asymptote code as the
> first new block type.
>> But that leads me to a question. I use (setq
>> org-export-latex-image-default-option "") in my .emacs. But, as it might
>> not be convenient for everyone, I would like to disable locally that
>> option in the asymptote's block. In fact, the code should take
>> precedence above export options : if I put 'size(5cm,0);' in my block, I
>> don't want no variable messing with that. Is there a way to do that ?
> I'm sorry, I have no experience with this variable.  However any number
> of options could be specified in the headers line of the asymptote
> block.  These will then be available inside the asymptote function (in
> the `headers' list) where they could be used to change the values of
> elisp variables.
>> Last, but not least, I have something looking like a bug to report.
>> Sometimes, when I hit C-k in agenda view, it kills me 2 lines instead of
>> the one I am currently on. I can tell that kill-whole-line has nothing
>> to do with that. It scares me so much that I have to TAB first while in
>> agenda view in order to kill the item I want to make disappear. I use
>> 6.26d but I could swear this bug has been on for ages (maybe 4.xx,
>> certainly 5.xx).
> Sorry, I can't help on this front.
>> Thanks.
> Thanks for sharing! -- Eric

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