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Re: [Orgmode] cannot edit two source code examples simultaneously

From: Taru Karttunen
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] cannot edit two source code examples simultaneously
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 09:27:26 +0300
User-agent: Sup/git

Excerpts from Dan Davison's message of Mon May 18 09:07:11 +0300 2009:
> I think it's more complicated than that: source code loss is also the
> motivation for doing something like this. If you are editing the code in
> the *Org Edit Src* buffer, and get distracted, you may return to the org
> buffer and mistakenly decide that it contains the latest content. I've
> done that two or three times in the last couple of days, resulting in
> lost work. That mistake cannot be made so easily when there is only ever
> one current copy of the code. If you close emacs without C-c ', or your
> laptop power runs out, then I agree that is bad, but I thought perhaps
> there might be a good solution along these lines. Maybe an alternative
> would be to maintain a work-in-progress message along with the
> out-of-date code?

How about this - set the source code with a special overlay/property
when editing it. The property could turn the code into a link to the
buffer and set it read-only.

- Taru Karttunen

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