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[Orgmode] Integrating the journaling system with the GTD system

From: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa
Subject: [Orgmode] Integrating the journaling system with the GTD system
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 17:05:26 -0500

I keep a journal using the simple journal-mode, and eventually, journal entries give origin to new items (projects or next actions, in the GTD context).

When you are writing the journal post, and if a project, next action comes to your mind, you don't want to switch context and go to the org file to add this entry. So, what I thought was to either:
 * Add each journal file to the agenda list (which could be inefficient, as the list would eventually grow too big, not sure how this would affect performance?)
 * Copy these entries to the main gtd.org file

The objective is to do it automagically, when saving the file (or in the case of the first option, when the file is created).

However, I would need to mark them somehow, maybe between tags? Like:
[gtd][/inbox] (means it should go to the gtd.org file)
[inbox][/inbox] (means it is unprocessed info that should go into the inbox.org file, just as remember-org does)

This way, we would have a nice and simple journaling system that would integrate itself with the GTD system. The only thing lacking would be a UI to browse the journal entries (to give the overview), but I'm planning to develop one soon, following the agenda overview view.

I find journaling a very good habit that helps you to dump your thoughts and reflect on them. It sits on the reference category of GTD. I used to use a tomboy daily note, but it got lost in the myriad of other notes I had, so I started using emacs -- and that's why I'd like to develop a view that showed me something like:
    |___ Month
    |_____ Day:Weekday

But this is another story :)



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