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[Orgmode] regex to find *.org in subdirectories for agenda

From: Michael McAndrew
Subject: [Orgmode] regex to find *.org in subdirectories for agenda
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 00:57:13 +0100

Hi there,

I'm just getting started with org mode after having watched the google tech talk.  from my experiences so far, i think it is the tool i have been waiting for a long time!

i've have transferred by entire huge nested todo list (which i was previously managing in a local mediawiki) and that has been great.  but am now excited about being able to split up and recompile all my todos automatically - so i can keep everything contextually organised.

I have my projects organised in directories and sub directories under two projects directories, "~/work" and "~/home".  i want to keep *.org lists in each of these directories and have them automatically picked up by orgmode when i hit C-ca.  so i might have  ~/work/bbc/todo.org and ~/home/garden/todo.org

I found this post http://www.mail-archive.com/address@hidden/msg08945.html

so i presume that i need to use a regular _expression_ in find-lisp-find-files to create this list of files to feed to some variable like org-agenda-files...

and have tried a million regex inspired expressions in my emacs config like:

(load-library "find-lisp")
(set org-agenda files (find-lisp-find-files "~" (rx seq(string-start (or "work" "home") ".org" string-end))))

but it isn't working.

i'm kind of out of my depth with emacs (aquamacs actually - only have a few days experience) and have never got to grips with regex! but also loving it and would be grateful if someone could pull me out of this hole :)


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