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[Orgmode] Minor request: full support of "ESC" as Meta key

From: Paolo Petta
Subject: [Orgmode] Minor request: full support of "ESC" as Meta key
Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 02:15:32 +0200 (CEST)
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[Dear moderator:
 this is of course a minor remark, and it is clearly not up to me to
 decide whether it is worth while being recorded at all, let alone
 being spread to the mailing list!
 But I still do hope it is not considered a downright abuse of your time!]

I only just started to look into Org: As "OS-hopper" using emacs regularly on different versions of Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, the comprehensive cross-platform support that Org promises is highly appealing.

But trying to use Org relying on the Escape key as 'Meta', I discovered that Org's support in this regard is currently spotty. While for some key combinations both the [?\e (...)] and the [(meta ...)] variants are defined, it is only the [(meta ...)] definitions that are fully covered. For example, org-insert-todo-heading - one of the very first org-specific key-combinations introduced in the very useful Org tutorial - is mapped only to [(meta shift return)], the "ESC-based" equivalent [?\e (shift return)] is missing (org.el, line 13905).

While I've tried to patch up org.el the best I could with the missing keymap definitions (and so far I have not run into problems), I am not proficient enough an elisp programmer to dare provide my fixes: e.g. I'm not at all sure to have made the correct additions to the section introduced with the comment
 ";; Special treatment needed for TAB and RET" on line 6836 of org.el;
the specification of disputed keys on line 331ff in org.el would be another example.

I would therefore like to ask to please consider putting 'full' coverage for both keymap variants on the todo list for an upcoming release.

With many thanks in advance!

Paolo Petta                                         +43-1-5336112-12(Tel)
Austrian Research Inst. for Artificial Intelligence +43-1-5336112-77(Fax)
Freyung 6/6, A 1010 Vienna, Austria, Europe       Paolo.Petta <@> ofai.at

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