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[Orgmode] Re: Drawers and HTML Export

From: Wes Hardaker
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Drawers and HTML Export
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 07:36:34 -0700
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>>>>> On Sat, 23 May 2009 07:57:21 +0200, Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> said:

>> Setting org-export-with-drawers to t allows the draws to be
>> exported, but it also exports the drawer delimiters (the :DUCK: and
>> the :END: in my example) which I don't want to be exported. I've
>> been looking at the various export variables, but I can't find
>> anything that will stop the drawer delimiters from being exported. I
>> think I'll stick with my current set up which doesn't use drawers.

CD> Indeed, there is no way currently to use drawers as you intend.

FYI, I have been chugging away slowly at org-exp-generic and although
exp-generic is handling drawers export, it isn't yet handling parsing of
it...  It's one of my near-term goals for it though.

"In the bathtub of history the truth is harder to hold than the soap,
 and much more difficult to find."
   -- Terry Pratchett


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