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Re: [Orgmode] org-remember template entry level

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] org-remember template entry level
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 19:20:34 +0200

On May 24, 2009, at 10:26 PM, Richard KLINDA wrote:

Hello, when org-remember creates a todo entry for me, it always is a
level 1 entry, like:

| * foo

I want it to be on level 3, like:

| *** foo

However, even if my template contains 3 leading stars,

| (setq org-remember-templates
|       '(("foo" ?f "*** foo"
|          "~/.xemacs/org/foo.org" bottom t)))

If you want it at level 3, then probably as the child of some level 2 entry? Just replace "bottom" put the name of the level 2 headline, without any stars.

 (setq org-remember-templates
       '(("foo" ?f "*** foo"
          "~/.xemacs/org/foo.org" "My foo parent heading" t)))

the created entry is still on level 1.  Is there a way to make
org-remember keep the number of stars?

No, the number of stars in the template are ignored.
This is because some setups allow you to change the
destination flexibly, so that the headline level needs
to be adjusted.

- Carsten

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