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Re: [Orgmode] Cycling visibility of blocks

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Cycling visibility of blocks
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 19:25:38 +0200

That does look cool!

- Carsten

On May 25, 2009, at 10:43 PM, Sebastian Rose wrote:

"Eric Schulte" <address@hidden> writes:

ahh - forgot - Carsten: note the unicorns:




Sebastian Rose <address@hidden> writes:

and use

"#\\+begin_\\([^ ]+\\) \\(.+\\)[ \t]*\\([ \t]+\\([^\n]+\\)\\)?\n\\ ([^\000]+?\\)#\\+end_\\1"



Hi Sebastian, Thanks for the update!

I've applied a slightly changed version of your regexp, and this is now
working for all block types (the resulting file is attached).  Where
could this file be saved? The contrib directory seems like overkill for such a small piece of functionality maybe I should post it up somewhere
on worg?

Thanks -- Eric

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