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Re: [Orgmode] How to preverse fold status after reopening a file

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] How to preverse fold status after reopening a file
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 06:05:15 +0200

On May 27, 2009, at 4:19 AM, Yuanle Song wrote:

Hi everyone,
org-mode can show a file in following mode when opening a file:

         overview   top-level headlines only
         content    all headlines
         showall    no folding at all, show everything

But they don't feed my need. I want to have the file exactly the same
as last time I open it, i.e. if a headline is fold when closing it
will be fold after reopening.

If that's not possible. Is there any properties that I can apply to
one headline, that will keep the headline fold (or unfold) unless the
user press TAB on them?

No, it is currently not possible to save the folding state of a tree.
Using properties would, in my opinion be too heavy, I am not sure if
I would like to have a property change each time I change the visibility
of some part.

Maybe you can write a add-on which in some way allows to save the
folding state, I don't have a good idea how to do this.

- Carsten

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