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[Orgmode] properties drawer indentation

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [Orgmode] properties drawer indentation
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 15:29:21 -0700

I have org-adapt-indentation set to nil and
org-*-into-drawer set to t.

When I change todo states on a new node or clock in, org
correctly (for me) inserts a logbook drawer at column 0.  I
like this behavior, as it is a consistent place (several
benefits), doesn't corrupt indentation for my indentation
setup, doesn't allow text to run off the right side of
the screen as much, and doesn't trigger diff when
its headline changes levels.

However, when I attach a file, create an org ID, or run
org-set-property, org inserts a properties drawer indented
with the headline.  I prefer to change this behavior to be
consistent with the logbook drawer behavior, if possible.

I couldn't find a variable for it, so it seemed worth asking
here if there is a way to do that.


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