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Re: [Orgmode] org mode and preview-latex

From: Marvin Doyley
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] org mode and preview-latex
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 11:44:00 -0400

(setq org-export-with-LaTeX-fragments t)

On Jun 2, 2009, at 5:46 AM, Carsten Dominik wrote:

What is your value of



- Carsten
On May 31, 2009, at 12:12 AM, Marvin Doyley wrote:

dvipng is installed on my system, it is included with texlive 2008
I am curious to know if anybody got this work with carbon emacs on the mac.

On May 30, 2009, at 9:17 AM, Carsten Dominik wrote:

On May 30, 2009, at 2:54 PM, Marvin Doyley wrote:

Hi Carsten,

I tried this but for some reason it didn't work. More specifically, I was unable to visualize my latex snippet. Could this be a limitation of carbon emacs or maybe I didn't configured org properly ?

Do you have dvipng installed?

- Carsten


On May 30, 2009, at 1:02 AM, Carsten Dominik wrote:

On May 29, 2009, at 11:51 PM, Marvin Doyley wrote:

Dear all,

Is there a way to visualize latex snippets on the fly using auctex's latex-preview ?

It would appear the only way to do this is select latex-mode once I have finished completed my notes, it would be nice to do this on the fly when I am drafting articles.

Not with preview-latex, but Org has a similar mechanism built-in.


- Carsten

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