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[Orgmode] Re: The recurring task pattern

From: Chris Gray
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: The recurring task pattern
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 10:57:47 +0200
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Ivan Nedrehagen wrote:

> Hi everyone, I have a pattern that repeats itself in org-mode and I am
> wondering if anyone have any solutions to it.

> I have some tasks that must be done each week, it does not matter when
> I complete them, but they must be done before end of the week. And
> when the  next week comes the task should be repeated.

> Now I have an TODO item on it and I flip it back and forth from TODO
> to DONE, but it requires me to remember that I have completed the
> task, and  requires me to put it back to TODO next week. This is not
> working very  well.

> What I would like:
> At the beginning of each week the task sets itself to TODO.
> When I complete it, it logs the state change (only for this state, I
> do not want state change logging on all).
> A reminder that I did not complete it last week would be nice, but I
> expect that to be too much to ask for.

You can add a deadline that repeats every week for the task.  

** TODO Do weekly task
   DEADLINE: <2009-06-03 Wed +1w> 


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