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[Orgmode] Re: Trouble setting variables in custom agenda command

From: Matthew Lundin
Subject: [Orgmode] Re: Trouble setting variables in custom agenda command
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 20:48:41 -0500
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Christopher DeMarco <address@hidden> writes:

> On Thu Jun  4 09:49:19 2009 +0200, Carsten Dominik wrote:
>>    A block agenda has *two* places where options can be stored.
>>    One set of options for just the individual command, and one
>>    set for for the block as a whole.  Things like
>>    org-agenda-start-with-column-view need to be set there, because
>>    they are only used in that final cleanup that happens in the
>>    second call to org-finalize-agenda, as Nick has described.
> Need to be set "where"?  The options for the individual command or for
> the whole block?

I believe the second set of options (b below) -- i.e., the ones that
come at the end of the agenda block command and apply to the block as a

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
(setq org-agenda-custom-commands
      '(("c" "The Cycle"
           ;; What follows is a) the first set of options.
           ;; They apply to for the agenda command above.        
           ((org-agenda-ndays 1)      
             '(org-agenda-skip-entry-if 'notregexp "\\* TODO")))))
         ;; What follows is b) the second set of options.
         ;; It is for the block as a whole.
         ;; If you had additional commands it would apply to them too.
           "%75ITEM %7Effort{:} %7CLOCKSUM{Total} %15TAGS %SCHEDULED")
          (org-agenda-view-columns-initially t)
          (org-agenda-start-with-log-mode t)))))
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---


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