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Re: [Orgmode] Re: SOLVED: elisp formulas in column view (without convert

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: SOLVED: elisp formulas in column view (without converting to tables)
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 08:26:39 +0200


sorry for replying so late to this proposal, which is a very
nice idea.  However, specifying lisp formulas in a #+COLUMNS
definition might be a bit tedious.

In the mean time, we have installed (in version 6.27) a patch by
Mikael Fornius.  This patch defines new operators `min', `max',
and `mean', and special versions for time computations `min:',
`max:', and `mean:'.  The patch also captures all operator
definitions into a single variable, which does allow for
user-defined Lisp operators.

I have not tried, but I believe it might now be simple to add new
operators by just adding to the variable `org-columns-compile-map'.
I would be interested to hear if someone has amended this variable
successfully.  If yes, maybe we can expose it better by making
is a defcustom, or by introducing a buffer-local add-on to it.

Hope this helps

- Carsten

On Mar 16, 2009, at 9:15 PM, <address@hidden> <address@hidden > wrote:

<address@hidden> writes:

  I have rewritten the org-columns-compute function to allow elisp
  formulas in column view.
It allows you to specify how to accumulate values from child headers,
  and how to specify the value for the current header, based on other

Have since discovered that my new version doesn't work with checkbox
formulas. The solution is to use the old version of org-columns- compute
if the formula is not an elisp formula. Rename the old function to
org-columns-compute-orig, and then use this code for

(defun org-columns-compute (property)
"Sum the values of property PROPERTY hierarchically, for the entire buffer."
 (let* ((re (concat "^" outline-regexp))
         (lmax 30) ; Does anyone use deeper levels???
         (level 0)
         (ass (assoc property org-columns-current-fmt-compiled))
         ;; parse elisp form if there is one
         (form (nth 3 ass))
         (uselisp (and (> (length form) 1)
                       (or (equal "(" (substring form 0 1))
                           (equal "(" (substring form 1 2)))))
         (form (if uselisp
                    "\$\\([^()\"      ]+\\)"
                    "(string-to-number (or (org-entry-get nil \"\\1\") \"0\"))"
                    (nth 3 ass) t)))
         ;; vector to hold running totals for each level
         (lsum (make-vector lmax (if uselisp nil 0)))
         (format (nth 4 ass))
         (printf (nth 5 ass))
         (beg org-columns-top-level-marker)
last-level val valflag end sumpos sum-alist str str1 useval prevtotal curtotal newvals)
   (if uselisp
          ;; Find the region to compute
          (goto-char beg)
(setq end (condition-case nil (org-end-of-subtree t) (error (point-max))))
          (goto-char end)
          ;; Walk the tree from the back and do the computations
          (while (re-search-backward re beg t)
            (setq sumpos (match-beginning 0)
                  last-level level
                  level (org-outline-level)
                  ;; total from children, or nil if there were none
                  prevtotal (if (< level last-level) (aref lsum last-level) nil)
                  ;; total at this level
                  curtotal (aref lsum level)
                  ;; current property value as string
                  val (org-entry-get nil property)
                  ;; is it non-empty?
                  valflag (and val (string-match "\\S-" val))
                  ;; current property value as number (or nil if empty)
                  curval (if valflag (org-column-string-to-number val format) 
                  ;; get values to replace current value and running total
                  newvals (if uselisp (eval-expression (read form))
                            (list (or prevtotal curval 0)
                                  (+ curtotal (or prevtotal curval 0)))))
             ((< level last-level) ; we have moved up to a parent
               ;; new value, as string
str (if (nth 0 newvals) (org-columns-number-to-string (nth 0 newvals) format printf) nil)
               ;; add text properties to it
useval (org-add-props (copy-sequence str) nil 'org-computed t 'face 'bold)
               ;; get current text properties
               sum-alist (get-text-property sumpos 'org-summaries))
              ;; put new value here as a text property
              (if (assoc property sum-alist)
                  (setcdr (assoc property sum-alist) useval)
                (push (cons property useval) sum-alist)
                 (add-text-properties sumpos (1+ sumpos)
                                      (list 'org-summaries sum-alist))))
              ;; put new org property value
              (if (nth 0 newvals) (org-entry-put nil property str))
              ;; set value for current level total
              (when (or prevtotal valflag)
                (aset lsum level (nth 1 newvals)))
              ;; clear totals for deeper levels
              (loop for l from (1+ level) to (1- lmax) do
                    (aset lsum l (if uselisp nil 0))))
             ((>= level last-level) ; we have not moved up to a parent
              ;; set new org property value and add to total for this level
(org-entry-put nil property (org-columns-number-to-string (nth 0 newvals) format printf))
              (aset lsum level (nth 1 newvals)))
             (t (error "This should not happen")))))
     (org-columns-compute-orig property))))


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