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[Orgmode] Sourceforge community award

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: [Orgmode] Sourceforge community award
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 14:48:23 +0200

OK, in my last email I already said that we have been selected
as a finalist for the Sourceforge Community Award in the category

Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything.

I am *very* excited about this, and I would love *us* to win
this award or at least deliver a very good showing.

We need to provide some information, within a week, and I would like
to invite all of you to makes proposals for the short sentences, for the
logo or screenshot we should be offering, and how to create a short
video about the main contributors.  Who should be in this video,
and how?

Anyone here who would like to do the collection/editing
of video snippets?  I have no technical knowledge in this area, and we
should think about a way to make a nice video showing *several* people,
that will also looks interesting for observers that are not our
default users.  This is where your help is *really* needed.

Below are the questions from sourceforge, let the brainstorming begin!

- Carsten


1. Complete this sentence in about 140 characters: "Our project is
[-foo-]."  For example, "Our project is a tool that helps you wash your

2. Complete this sentence, also in about 140 characters: "We should win
because [-bar-]."  For example, "We should win because we have a strong
community and we solve a universal problem."

3. Please provide a logo (or screenshot, if you'd prefer) for your
project.  It should be at least 640x480, but we'll also be showing it
as a thumbnail.

4. This one is optional, but it could make a big difference.  We'd like
to show our voters a video that introduces them to the core members of
your team.  Send along the URL (on YouTube) and we'll make sure they
see it!

6. Our finalists are usually pretty interesting people.  Are you
willing to be contacted by our public relations team about interviews
with the press?

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