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Re: [Orgmode] Sourceforge community award

From: Rick Moynihan
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Sourceforge community award
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 00:14:32 +0100

2009/6/9 Carsten Dominik <address@hidden>:
> OK, in my last email I already said that we have been selected
> as a finalist for the Sourceforge Community Award in the category
> Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything.
> I am *very* excited about this, and I would love *us* to win
> this award or at least deliver a very good showing.

This is awesome news!  Congratulations to Carsten and everyone who
makes org-mode what it is!  Do we know who the competition is yet?

> We need to provide some information, within a week, and I would like
> to invite all of you to makes proposals for the short sentences, for the
> logo or screenshot we should be offering, and how to create a short
> video about the main contributors.  Who should be in this video,
> and how?

I think the real problem here is the logistics of this.  Does anyone
have any experience with video?  Personally I'd like to see Carsten
(obviously), but I think the contributor net should be widened to
include at least one person who's made a significant contribution to
documenting org-mode best-practice, e.g. Bernt, Russel etc...

It'd be really nice to have the videos touch on both user and
developer perspective's, and perhaps even the fantastic community
interplay that occurs on this list.

> Below are the questions from sourceforge, let the brainstorming begin!
> - Carsten
> 1. Complete this sentence in about 140 characters: "Our project is
> [-foo-]."  For example, "Our project is a tool that helps you wash your
> car."

"Org is the life hacker's swiss army knife.  Sharp, quick and powerful
you'll use it to cut deadlines and craft your own path to productivity."

> 2. Complete this sentence, also in about 140 characters: "We should win
> because [-bar-]."  For example, "We should win because we have a strong
> community and we solve a universal problem."

I'm afraid I've wracked my brains and couldn't come up with anything I
was happy with for this one...  These snippets seem to work best when
you can use a consistent metaphor throughout and I struggle to find
one that flows convincingly with the rather trad (and arrogant) "We
should win because ... "...  Though I'm really not happy with it, I
think using jargon intended to resonate with the O'Reilly set is a
good idea... e.g. "life hacker", "alpha geek", ... Can anyone offer
any improvements on what I've got? :

"We should win because our community of productivity alpha geeks share
their secrets openly... The pace of Org development is proof it works!"

> 3. Please provide a logo (or screenshot, if you'd prefer) for your
> project.  It should be at least 640x480, but we'll also be showing it
> as a thumbnail.
> 4. This one is optional, but it could make a big difference.  We'd like
> to show our voters a video that introduces them to the core members of
> your team.  Send along the URL (on YouTube) and we'll make sure they
> see it!
> 6. Our finalists are usually pretty interesting people.  Are you
> willing to be contacted by our public relations team about interviews
> with the press?

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