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Re: [Orgmode] Re: Sourceforge community award

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: Sourceforge community award
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 05:58:08 +0200

On Jun 12, 2009, at 12:59 AM, Memnon Anon wrote:


Leo <address@hidden> writes:

On 2009-06-11 21:49 +0100, Carsten Dominik wrote:
I am attaching the picture to this email, you can also retrieve it


That screen shot looks very beautiful. There's one minor glitch. The
font is non anti-alias.

I agree, the screenshot is nice and shows some of the great features of
orgmode. I just want to add another think for consideration:

Pictures often give people their first impression of a software, as
stupid as it is. What do you all think of the used colors?

I personally dislike a too heavily colored look.
Especially given the fact, that the headlines in this screenshot are
short and the keywords long (cf. STARTED - Invite speakers [2/3]),
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ (colored) this results in a fruit salad like impression I think is rather distracting.
What about a using a *little* bit more decent coloring?

Hi Memnon,

I do to some extend agree with you.  The buffer picture does
look very colored and a bit unrealistic.  A real buffer would
look less colored because the distribution between text and
functional elements would be different.  These lines are so short
to make them readable at all in a screenshot.

I actually do use these colors currently and find them quite

The main issue here is: what if the function of this picture?
It will be on a page together with 9 other colorful logos
or screenshots.  If we show just a window of text, it will
look complete boring in this context, and then I'd much rather
use only the Unicorn.

If people only do as much as clicking through to the homepage,
they will see an image with less color there, and this will
adjust their expectation I am sure.

- Carsten

On the other hand, I know lots of people love heavy use of intense
colors, so maybe this really is the best way to get the right impression
out there.

What do you think? How do your org files look like?


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