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Re: [Orgmode] Use environment variable for location of templates?

From: Jere McDevitt
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Use environment variable for location of templates?
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 20:19:39 -0400

I think the issue is that you need to supply a function to be invoked to create the file name.

I tested your approach and found if you change the line to use a lambda function

       ("Work Tasks" ?t "* TODO %U %?\n\n  %i\n  %a" (lambda() (concat org-directory "tasks.org")))

seems to work.  Make sure that your environment variable ends in a / so the path is constructed correctly.


On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 12:39 PM, Nathan Neff <address@hidden> wrote:

I'm a beginner at lisp/emacs, and realize this is a basic question.

I would like to use an environment variable WORKDIR to specify the
directory whereOh, I'm familiar with the file variables and all, thanks for the tip.

Since the org-remember code is written to support files that are not in org-mode as targets of remember items, it just seemed to me it shouldn't then switch back to assuming it was an org mode file simply because the text being inserted resembles a particular type of regexp.
my remember templates are located.

I would like to have a template located in WORKDIR/tasks.org

Using the code below, when I invoke remember-mode and press "t", I get
the default
remember template instead of the WORKDIR/tasks.org.

;; I can get the value of WORKDIR successfully
(setq org-directory (getenv "WORKDIR"))

(setq org-remember-templates
       ("Personal" ?p "* %U %?\n\n  %i\n  %a" "~/Documents/personal/notes.org")
       ("Work Tasks" ?t "* TODO %U %?\n\n  %i\n  %a" (concat org-directory

Any help would be appreciated.


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