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Re: [Orgmode] a few suggestions for org-mode table

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] a few suggestions for org-mode table
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 08:18:14 +0200

On Jun 19, 2009, at 5:29 PM, Michael Brand wrote:

1) I would like to have the fixed width columns in tables to be able to wrap around text as an alternative to the now implemented text truncation. As a "workaround" I use this:

| x | first letter  |
| y | the greek     |
|   | \ letter      |
|   | \ ypsilon     |
|   | z still empty |
| t | x, y, z and t |

This is almost perfect except the real pain for the manual rewrap when changing the text. The difficulty I see here is to define, how do I want to indicate the top and bottom edge and width of the cell? Probably by padding the separators +---+---+ and defining the column width <9> if they are not already there. But since I would like to optionally remove the separators again after the change, it would be necessary to have some indentation like I did with `\ ' and which should not conflict with alignment.

2) One could like to have configurable left/right alignment, even combinable with column width, e. g.

| <l10>      | <r>       |
| 3.14       |      0x10 |
| 3.141592=> | 0x32 0x10 |

This is an excellent idea.

3) One could like to have decimal point alignment

|   432.10 |
| 5'432.1  |

Hmm, yes, would be nice, but maybe a bit hard.  I'll put it on my list.

- Carsten

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