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[Orgmode] Question about remeber templates

From: Cameron Horsburgh
Subject: [Orgmode] Question about remeber templates
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 22:41:34 +1000
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Hi folks,

I've just tried making myself my very own org-remember template. If I
follow the example in the manual I come up with this:

| ("* Diary entry: %?
| %^T" ?d "~/gtd/diary.org" "Diary date")

However, when I call org-remember I get a blank buffer called
'Remember' and a message saying "org-select-remember-template: Not
enough arguments for format string"

After looking at templates that I once made via customize I came up
with this:

| (100 "* Diary entry: %?
| %^T" "~/gtd/diary.org" "Diary date")

This works perfectly. I define the shortcut character by its ASCII
number in the first field of the template, not as a ?-character combo
in the second field.

I'm guessing that the format and the manual have parted ways at some

I'm using org-mode 6.27 trans, and the manual is the same vintage.


Cameron Horsburgh

Blog: http://spiritcry.wordpress.com/

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