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Re: [Orgmode] a small idea for repeating tasks

From: Carsten Dominik
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] a small idea for repeating tasks
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 09:52:47 +0200

On Jun 26, 2009, at 5:55 AM, Samuel Wales wrote:

When you try to mark a repeating task done, org appears to
change it to the first item in org-todo-keywords.  Many
people have "TODO" there.  This appears to conflict with other uses of
that variable, as it also determines sort order and cycle order.

Perhaps a new variable can contain the todo keyword that
should be used when a repeating task is marked done.

Then it doesn't matter what sort order you use.


This is because you have set up your TODO keywords as `sequence',
not as `type'.  So the repeater assumes that this is a sequence
of states that should be repeated.

If you did


this would work as you expect.

Type or sequence make a difference only in two situations:

1. When the repeater rests an entry
2. When you press C-c C-t and *don't* use fast access keys
   to TODO states.  Then `C-c C-t' will jump directly to DONE
   from any not-done state.

Sounds pretty consistent to me.

I guess we could have a property to force a particular repeat state
where needed....

- Carsten

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