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[Orgmode] html publish problem

From: Snyder, Charles, L \(MD\)
Subject: [Orgmode] html publish problem
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 11:03:50 -0500



I am trying to export a small org file to html and view it. Any export to html (h,H,R,b) gives me the following error message:


Exporting... [3 times]

Saving file c:/Documents and Settings/csnyder/Desktop/My Dropbox/emacs_org/eateftut.html...

make-directory: Creating directory: invalid argument, c:/Documents and Settings/csnyder/Desktop/My Dropbox/emacs_org/emacs-backupc:/Documents and Settings


How do I correct the directory it is trying to create?


Interestingly, if I rename the org file to something else, it will work once, but any further exports give the error message. Prior to this, I was modifying how GNU emacs ( Win XP) backs up files….





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