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[Orgmode] Inconsistent exporting of underscore character

From: Bob Kline
Subject: [Orgmode] Inconsistent exporting of underscore character
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 09:01:22 -0400
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I notice that when text containing an underscore (as happens frequently with database table names) is exported as HTML, the exporter decides to covert the rest of the word to a subscript. I tried escaping the underscore with a backslash, but then exporting to ASCII is broken, with the backslash passed through as part of the text.

What's the correct way to escape the underscore so that the HTML exporter doesn't garble the output, without mucking up ASCII export? Or is org-mode designed in such a way that users are expected to mark up documents for one specific output (which would be a step backward)?

Bob Kline

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