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Re: [Orgmode] org plot scripts

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] org plot scripts
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 20:32:50 -0700
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address@hidden writes:

> Hi:
> I've been trying to make candlestick plots with org-plot, and the only
> way I've found that I can do this is by specifying a custom script in
> the +PLOT options. However, I noticed that when I specify a script,
> all other +PLOT options I specify, such as with set: or line:, are
> completely ignored. I think it would be nice to allow the user to
> specify plot options in the latter manner along with custom scripts
> and just prepend the options to the script. This way, the user can use
> a single custom script to plot multiple data tables, while being able
> to set things like the title or range of the plot on a per-table
> basis.

That sounds like a great idea, the attached patch[1] *should* implement
the prepending of options to a script as you described above.  It works
for me on one simple test.  Please let me know if it works for you.

> Alternatively, I can also imagine giving the user the ability
> to hard code the exact plot commands right in the org file.

This second approach could work with "org-babel" --a library for
org-mode on which I am currently working--.  I hope to add gnuplot as a
supported language to org-babel.  Once this is done it will be possible
to write gnuplot source-code blocks which can then be fed table data
returning graphs for display or inclusion in org-mode files.  Through
the "library of babel" functionality, these gnuplot code blocks could be
named, saved, and called from other org-mode files.

Cheers -- Eric

> Thanks for your time.
> Joseph
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diff --git a/lisp/org-plot.el b/lisp/org-plot.el
index 78775a0..ae01aa2 100644
--- a/lisp/org-plot.el
+++ b/lisp/org-plot.el
@@ -181,9 +181,11 @@ and dependant variables."
            (setf back-edge "") (setf front-edge "")))))
-(defun org-plot/gnuplot-script (data-file num-cols params)
+(defun org-plot/gnuplot-script (data-file num-cols params &optional preface)
   "Write a gnuplot script to DATA-FILE respecting the options set in PARAMS.
-NUM-COLS controls the number of columns plotted in a 2-d plot."
+NUM-COLS controls the number of columns plotted in a 2-d plot.
+Optional argument PREFACE returns only option parameters in a
+manner suitable for prepending to a user-specified script."
   (let* ((type (plist-get params :plot-type))
         (with (if (equal type 'grid)
@@ -238,7 +240,8 @@ NUM-COLS controls the number of columns plotted in a 2-d 
        (add-to-script (concat "set timefmt \""
                               (or timefmt ;; timefmt passed to gnuplot
                                   "%Y-%m-%d-%H:%M:%S") "\"")))
-      (case type ;; plot command
+      (unless preface
+        (case type ;; plot command
        ('2d (dotimes (col num-cols)
               (unless (and (equal type '2d)
                            (or (and ind (equal (+ 1 col) ind))
@@ -259,8 +262,8 @@ NUM-COLS controls the number of columns plotted in a 2-d 
         (setq plot-lines (list (format "'%s' with %s title ''"
                                        data-file with)))))
-      (add-to-script
-       (concat plot-cmd " " (mapconcat 'identity (reverse plot-lines) ",\\\n   
+        (add-to-script
+         (concat plot-cmd " " (mapconcat 'identity (reverse plot-lines) ",\\\n 
@@ -328,10 +331,13 @@ line directly before or after the table."
       ;; write script
        (if (plist-get params :script) ;; user script
-           (progn (insert-file-contents (plist-get params :script))
-                  (goto-char (point-min))
-                  (while (re-search-forward "$datafile" nil t)
-                    (replace-match data-file nil nil)))
+           (progn (insert
+                    (org-plot/gnuplot-script data-file num-cols params t))
+                   (insert "\n")
+                   (insert-file-contents (plist-get params :script))
+                   (goto-char (point-min))
+                   (while (re-search-forward "$datafile" nil t)
+                     (replace-match data-file nil nil)))
           (org-plot/gnuplot-script data-file num-cols params)))
        ;; graph table

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