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Re: [Orgmode] Re: LaTeX export bugs?

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] Re: LaTeX export bugs?
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 22:08:39 -0400

=?utf-8?Q?S=C3=A9bastien_Vauban?= <address@hidden> wrote:

> >
> > BTW, any solution for exporting to a Beamer presentation?  I'd be
> > very very  very interested by anything in that direction. That's
> > the last piece of the whole puzzle, IMHO.
> >

I did a beamer presentation in org-mode last month (1 hour, about 20 slides).
Here is a simplified version (I'll talk about some problems at the end).

o org-export-latex-classes is augmented with a beamer element as follows:

| (add-to-list 'org-export-latex-classes
|                '("beamer"
|                  ("\\begin{frame}\\frametitle{%s}\\begin{itemize}" 
|                   "\\begin{frame}\\frametitle{%s}\\begin{itemize}" 
|                  ("\\item{%s}" . "\\item*{%s}")
|                  ("\\end{itemize}\\note{" "}")))

o Here is an input file:

| #+LaTeX_CLASS: beamer
| #+TITLE: Example presentation
| #+AUTHOR: Nick Dokos \\ $<$\href{mailto:address@hidden@hp.com}$>$
| #+EMAIL: address@hidden
| * Why
| ** Reason 1.
|    Text explaining reason 1.
| ** Reason 2.
|    ... more explanations.
| ** Reason 3.
|    Blah, blah, blah.
| ** Reason 4.
|    Why not?
| * What
| ** First piece.
| ** Second piece.
| ** Third piece.
| ** Fourth piece.

o Export it to latex (and zap the TOC - see below):

Attachment: slides.tex
Description: TeX file produced by exporting the org file (and zapping the TOC)

and pdflatex it to produce the following pdf:

Attachment: slides.pdf
Description: PDF produced by pdflatex

Some notes:

o Level 1 headlines become slide titles.

o Level 2 headlines become items in the slide and the text under the level
  2 headlines ends up as text in the item.

o Level 3 headlines (not shown in the sample document) were supposed to
  become notes, but this obviously will not work this way. I don't know
  how to make it work. In the end, I edited the tex file by hand in
  order to get the notes right.

o Moreover (and I think this is a bug in the latex exporter), I had to
  rearrange the notes by hand: they ended up in the wrong slides.
  I have had zero time to chase this however, so I am not really sure
  why this happened.

o There was a problem with the table of contents (it's empty and it pushes
  the title of the first slide down), so I manually zapped it from
  the tex file.

o Latex had some peculiar objections to the labels and I did not care
  about them, so I preprocessed them out of existence in the tex file.

After a little practice, I could edit the tex file to take care of all
the problems in about 5 minutes. Even so, after getting the bulk of the
contents of the presentation done, I did a final production of the tex
file and did the final touchups on that. One of these days, I'll have to
go back and figure out some of the problems. For now, this zeroth
approximation to a solution will have to suffice.



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