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[Orgmode] questions about exporting to latex using beamer documentclass

From: Spike Spiegel
Subject: [Orgmode] questions about exporting to latex using beamer documentclass
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 00:31:41 +0100


I have the following in my .emacs:

(add-to-list 'org-export-latex-classes

and I'm having a hard time to figure out the solution to the following problems:
- there are no "section/subsection" tex commands added before the
frame one and I don't see how to add it in there since a section and
subsection can be in the same frame
- I'm in the situation that I need to pass options to an image
(\includegraphics) in a frame's title (frames are beamer's idea of
slide). Based on the docs it seems I should be doing something like
"#+ATTR_LaTeX: width=5cm,angle=90" but I can't put that within a
headline before the image and it won't work if I put it before it
because it'll end up outside of the frame
- I also need to include an image in the titlepage but I don't see any
way to override \maketitle other than maybe renewcommand'ing it, which
I tried with #+LaTeX_HEADER, but kept getting errors, altho that might
have been me. While poking around I noticed
org-export-latex-title-command in org-latex.el but I'm unsure how I'd
use that to achieve my goal.

On a side note, a little feature request: would it be possible to
produce an indented tex file? post editing is otherwise quite painful


"Behind every great man there's a great backpack" - B.

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