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[Orgmode] Display Properties in Clock Table?

From: Nathan Neff
Subject: [Orgmode] Display Properties in Clock Table?
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 20:32:51 -0500


I noticed in the help file for Clock Tables, there's a :formula parameter
that you can specify:

The :formula param takes the TBLFM format which is used in
the "spreadsheets".

Is there a way to use a heading's Property in the ClockReport?  Perhaps
in the :formula parameter?

For example, you put something like #+CATEGORY
or #+FOO in the :formula, so that the CATEGORY or FOO property of each
clocked item would show up as a column?

Then, you could have clock reports that are more customizable.
Something like this:

 Category   Headline                        Time
             *Total time*                  *5:00*
  admin      [STARTED Misc]                    2:00
  admin      [STARTED Planning next item]             2:00
  issue456  Login Screen                    3:00
  issue456  Username                               2:00
  issue456  Password / Password confirm            1:00

Would this be of any value?

Is there currently a way to do this?


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