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[Orgmode] Newbie Questions

From: Andrew M. Nuxoll
Subject: [Orgmode] Newbie Questions
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 13:37:22 -0700
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Ok, newb here. I have only been using org-mode for a few days now. But I've been an emacs guy since 1992, I have read the manual and I've also searched the archive of this mailing list. So, forgive me if these questions are repeats. Also, Dominick said you had to be nice to me while he was away.

1. When I view my agenda for a day it displays TODO items twice if they are both SCHEDULED and DEADLINEd (a common occurrence for me). Can this be avoided? Here's a generic example snippet from my agenda:
   Thursday    9 July 2009
     nux:        Scheduled:  TODO [#B] Call Mary :PROJECT::
     nux:        In   1 d.:  TODO [#B] Call Mary :PROJECT::

2. Once a TODO item has been marked as DONE, it still shows up on my agenda. Can this be avoided?

Meta-Comments on Questions 1&2: I realize I have the option of using the "ToDo Items" agenda view instead of the day/week agenda view but that doesn't work for me because I use the SCHEDULED property as a way of selecting a small subset of tasks for the day from a long list of TODO items. I also rely heavily upon repeating tasks to automate most of this. So maybe the solution to #1 and #2 is to use a custom agenda of some sort but I don't see an obvious way to create one that does what I want.

3. Once I set a deadline for a task, it'd be nice if the priority would increase as the deadline approached. Ideally the criteria for increasing the priority could be specified via a customizable formula. Does this functionality (or anything like it) exist?


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